About Me

My name is Claudia, fully is Claudia Maria Adele. I’m a Capricorn Sun, a Scorpio Moon with a Tauro Rising. I’m a Tattooer and Astrologer.

Three jobs that have the ability to transform on different levels.

Since young I knew that my job would not be a regular one, it was impossible for me think about a life with time restriction and without independence (hello Aquarius MC), but I would never have imagined all the opportunities that tattooing would give to me and the life I have lived up to now. Great.
I have a lot of gratitude to this job which was the trigger for the first big change in my life.

I’ve been tattooing since 2008, and thanks god I saw a big transformation through all those years in this environment.
Than in the last few years, with astrology and sound, I have had access to another level of awareness, self-knowledge and self-healing.
In the hours of study and practice it always resounds in my head “how much easier would be if the whole world had access to these knowledge”.

And the truth is that we have it, but sometimes we don’t know where is the starting point, venture out of the comfort zone is never easy.

I do believe everyone has the power to heal themself, it is within us. Sometimes we just need someone triggering us.

Tattoos and Astrology  for me have been the keys.

Tattooing as I’ve told you has been a long journey that allowed me to travel all over the world for many years.

Then Astrology and Sound lands to my life in a moment where the travel became an inner one.

And here I choose to share with all those people who feel the call to get connected with me: my knowledge, my experience, my vision. To triggering you, to push you in te direction of the TRANSFORMATION.

I’ve lived so many lives in one, and believe me if I know how to shape myself on different situation, change skin, die-reborn cycle, let goes of attachments, makes room for the new version, the new vision, the new seed we want to plant.

Also, there are a thousand ways, therapies and techniques that help us on healing process, and not all of them are suitable for everyone, just choose what mostly  resonate with you.

Nobody says it’s easy, diving into the ocean of the subconscious can bring old trauma  to the surface and often plug them is the easiest thing, but we all have the strength to face them.

We can learn to see them from a different point of view and detach ourselves from the identification of the ego with the character of this 3D world, to open ourselves to higher dimensions, then we really understand what “all is one” means, and there, where all is one, there is no pain…just love, peace and serenity, without any judgments.

A clear point I want to share with you: this is a space with no Ego, here the Ego die, we burn it, and it will reborn and then we learn how to burn it again, is a never ending teaching cycle.

Once again TRANSFORMATION in a key word for me…and it flows in different possibility, it doesn’t always means a drastic change in life, sometimes is just a click that change the point of view, and is there, an inner voice taking off all the anxiety and stress we accumulate in this society.

I’ve learn on my skin how to let goes of control, surrender to the events and learn the teaching that those events were bring to me, to change my skin again again and again.

Now f you have come this far, you are probably giving to yourself the possibility  to choose a deep path of transformation: beautiful, liberating and difficult at the same time.

That’s why I want you to thank yourself and and I thank you. And If you choose me to drive you in this deep path, thanks once again.

With love
Claudia Maria Adele