Evolutionary Astrology

To explain what Evolutionary or Karmic Astrology is, I’d love to use the words of  one of my favorite astrologer: Steven Forrest.

“An Evolutionary Astrologer can be recognized by a devotion to the following core perceptions:

1. An acceptance of the fact that human beings incarnate in a succession of lifetimes.

2. An acceptance of the fact that the birth chart reflects the evolutionary condition of the soul, at the moment of incarnation.

3. An acceptance of the fact that the birth chart reflects the evolutionary intentions of the soul for the present life.

4. An acceptance of the fact that the circumstances of the present life, both materially and psychologically, do not arise randomly, but rather reflect the evolutionary intentions and necessities of the soul.

5. An acceptance of the fact that human beings interact creatively and unpredictably with their birth charts; that all astrological symbols are multi-dimensional and are modulated into material and psychic expression, by the consciousness of the individual.

6. An acceptance of the fact that human beings are responsible for the realities they experience, both internally and externally.

7. A respectful intention to accept and support a person seeking astrological help, no matter the evolutionary state in which such an individual finds himself or herself.”


Years back I was traveling to India and I got a bad stomach infection, so I got stuck in a small southern village with a wonderful Indian family.
Now, imagine a small rural village in South India: with no Wi-Fi, no virtual reality, just pure life and ancestral knowledge, the Ma of the house was truly connected with the moon in her rituals and the natural rhythm of life, with Mother Nature.
With the infection that left me no energy, I was unable to move from that place for two weeks, but the isolation allowed me to observe the cycle of the days for hours: birds, time, flowers, stars, mum, its rituals, the lunar cycle and everything else that your imagination can imagine.
In sync, a book came into my hands: the first edition of “La luna” by Roberta Zanetti.
In two days I read it and so the Magic began.
The reality that I was used to perceiving began to change, inside and outside the world took on another flavor.
Slowly I started reading about astrology, bits here and there that planted seeds in me until I’ve realize it was a new path.

Astrology and the ability to read my natal chart have given me the tools to work on myself, to know myself and to heal myself.

 An ancestral technology able to show me: my shadows, my weaknesses, my dark aspects, my challenges, my patterns, my potential, my purpose, my ability to shine, my uniqueness, my talent , to align with them, to align my lifestyle and my routine with the purest intentions, to transform myself.

In the end the most difficult thing to accept for humans been is that this “reality” is a limited 3D space, it’s a projection of our mind, that we and our thought have the power to change it, that the mind is at our service and not the other way around, and if we take choices from a space of love and compassion, not a space of fear and doubt, we can live in abundance, filled with opportunities to expand our consciousness and live life as aligned as possible with our purpose in life.

What I offer here is a chance of different birth chart readings to better understand: your life purpose, your talent, karmic patterns and teachings, dark areas, blocks and we can go deeper as much as we want.

Also I want to emphasize that reading does not do your job, reading is a trigger, a tool and it is knowledge, from here on the power of transformation is in your hands.

You have the power to heal yourself.

So let the Transformation begin.

Thank you

With love



If you’re ready to recognize old patterns and makes room for the new version of you, here my offers for differente reading 


155 €

This reading is a first approach, we’ll goes through your big three, personal planets positions, South/North Node and MC. Is for you if you want to better know your talents, your shadows and unblock your potential in daily routine, lifestyle, triggering you with a new level of consciousness about your mission in this life



This reading is on a deepest level, we’ll going through all the birth chart plus specific placements as Chiron, South and North Node, Saturn and eventually retrogrades planets.This reading if for you if you’re stuck in old patterns that doesn’t allow you to expand, let them goes and start the transformation