For those who know me as a tattooer , first of all I want to say thank you, my transformation began with the tattoo career.

The tattoo carrer has changed me so much: from travels, to meeting amazing clients, interviews, collaborations, all the guests in so many amazing studios around the world, and so my body, my looks and who I am become.

My point of view on life has also changed.

I was a shy, quiet and introverted person, I lived in the shadow of my mental perception, I thought that my voice and my opinion were not relevant.

When I started tattooing, I also started get tattooing, and my appearance has changed.

In a world with many people and a room full of voices, my body started to speak for me, the tattoo really helped me out of my shell.

The more tattoos I had, the more confident I felt about myself.

Later in the years I realized that the pain I was experiencing during the tattoo sessions was helping me digest heavy emotions like fear, anger, frustration, depression.

During these 15 years of career my perception of tattooing has changed over and over again, today I have a greater awareness when I sit in front of a client and I deeply thank all the people who choose me to transform their body.

I know that each of us chooses to get tattooed for many different reasons, but I want you to know that if you choose to book with me, especially for long and large projects, I will try my best in terms of: kindness, presence, intuition, aesthetics, patience and comfortable space.

To book with me please fulfill the following form:

Where I can get tattoo by you?

My base now is Barcelona, I’m working as resident at Black Ship Tattoo.

Also Rome and London are two city where is easy for me to guest.

But don’t worry my hunger of travels will brings me close to you for sure. Just keep an eye on my Instagram page and I’ll announce all my guest.

Can I see my drawing before?

I normally don’t send designs by mail and I work day by day based on my appointment. Also I prefer to talk about the details face to face. It means that the day of your appointment you’ll see the drawing and don’t worry we’ll have all the time to makes any change. When we’ll start tattooing I want you to be 100% sure of what you’re getting by me. Also I invite you to express any doubt, don’t be scared to say no. You’ll bring the tattoo for the rest of your life. So please be honest with me and kind with yourself.

Do you tattoo any kind of skin?

Yes I do!  Any kind of discrimination is far from me. I’ll accept any kind of skin, and I’ll give you the best advice in terms of subject, colors and size who works better with your tone skin.

In case you have any skin disease please just let me know and we’ll talk about it, with the right information I’m sure we can find a solution.

What about the deposit if  I can’t get to the appointment?

Once the deposit is send is not refundable. If you get tattoo in Barcelona, you have problems to come and you notice me with two days in advance we can move the appointment to another day that works better for both of us.

If you’re getting tattoo in any other city where I’m guesting I’m so sorry but is not possible to move. When I’m guesting I have to fix my agenda really well and is almost impossible to move. Also I want to make clear that guesting have a cost: fly, trains, bnb, food, which makes really hard to cover when I have cancellation. So please understand that I’m coming to you, and book the appointment when you’re 100% sure. Of course there are unexpected situation of emergency that I understand and I’m flexible to move the appointment to the next guest in case I already have dates.

Can I bring friends the day of the appointment?

You can bring one friend to stay at the reception during the talk about drawing and details, but once we start tattooing the friend is not allowed to stay in the room. Once the stencil is done and we start tattooing I’d like both of us focus on the tattoo, to give you the best result.

Can I use numb cream?

I always prefer to discuss about it before. Every skin is different and have different reaction to it.

For long session I don’t really suggest you to use, once the numb cream effect is vanish you’ll be suffering more and skin become hard, so more difficult to work on it. For small and pain-full area we can talk about it, also then brand is pretty important. So don’t hesitate to ask me.

Do you do cover ups?

I always ask to have a consultation before doing cover ups, so we can choose the best solution. It means I’m able to do it in Barcelona but not while I’m guesting, as the time is short and my agenda is pretty full for few days.


Thank you