Pluto In Aquarius

Let the transformation begin!
First of all, I would like to clarify that Pluto is a slow planet, its transit through a sign lasts between 18 and 20 years, and we are about to witness 20 years of Pluto in Aquarius.

In recent years we have heard a lot about the age of Aquarius, for me this transit marks the official beginning, not to mention that the first major aspect it creates is precisely in conjunction with the Sun.

It’s as if in recent years we have been preparing for a different scenario, this transit is the curtain rising, what’s behind it??

I will go step by step, dismantling and reassembling pieces of a puzzle in which we are all involved.

Number 1, Pluto, the slow Pluto, the very slow Pluto is a collective planet, when it moves we see the effect on our personal lives and on the collective.
It moves the energy of the entire planet, sometimes bringing events and effects that we cannot help but see around us.

Last year in early October Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, the North Node is in Aries.
A few days after the transit, the largest genocide that our eyes can witness live begins.
We can no longer pretend nothing is happening, we cannot fail to see how the society we have built (Capricorn) is collapsing (Pluto) to make room for a new vision (Aquarius)

It hurts? Yes, Pluto can hurt us if we are not able to understand the karmic weight we have in situations, that our actions carry karma and that although we are not aware of it, it will come back to knock on our door to ask us questions:
where is my power? Where can I change direction?
What weight do my actions have?
How can I best influence?
What do I have to let go of?
What am I not seeing and need to become aware of?
What level of consciousness am I at?
How am I part of this event and how can I rebalance the energy?

Unlike many (whom I appreciate and thank) who are struggling openly on social media, I felt I wanted to work with myself in my own small way through targeted actions and daily acts that could rebalance all the discomfort seen and reviewed through images and videos.
For me, silence is complicit only when it is driven by fear and therefore cowardice.
My silence was and is conscious.
The revolution can be silent, and the more silently we participate in it, the more difficult it is for the great powers to realize it.

And here for me Aquarius comes into play, the vision, the power of the masses against the power of the few.

If with Pluto in Capricono for 18 years we have let power be controlled by the few at the top of the corporate structure.
Pluto in Aquarius guides us and asks us to take back this power.
To understand that it is in the collective that it resides.
That a millionaire elite can do nothing against an unhappy, frustrated and suffering planet.

Pluto at the beginning in the first degrees will amplify this pain, leading us to be exhausted, nervous, apparently with no way out.
But it will still transit for 20 years in Aquarius, this is inevitable.

Aquarius rules the 11th house, house of genius, of the community, of the collective good, of visions, of out-of-the-box thinking.

I know that the scenario we face today is painful, but Pluto is the lord of transformation, death and rebirth, the tower in the tarot.

What is no longer part of us MUST be let go to make room for the new.
And in order to make space we must understand in our individual what we are carrying on our shoulders and slowing us down, without giving space to this vision.

Aquarius works for the collective good, in the next 20 years we will all understand, some sooner and some later, how to work for the collective.
How we can take back power and redistribute it, how to decentralize the power that we have left in the hands of others for too many years.

There are many of us and we all have Aquarian energy in our birth chart, it is up to us to understand how to use it, and if we are not able to, the lord of the underworld Pluto will guide us in the discovery.

Don’t expect there to be a rapid change from January 22nd, on the contrary, expect slow steps backwards, moments of despair and anger, questions, doubts without answers, expect the chaos of the first great ones in a sign, but give yourself time to observe what’s around you is happening, as people will start to wake up and understand that every little step has karmic weight.

Wanting to be even more precise, when a planet transits between the 27th degree and the great 3rd degree from one sign to another, the true element is called Aether.

These past months and the next future ones Pluto connects us with the Source, allowing us to download information.
Take time for yourself, understand what the vision is and how you can actively be part of it.
Creative power is with us from the moment of birth, it is not an artistic talent.
Every human being has the power to create (think about birth please).
These months are a springboard, a preparation for the revolution.

For me it is the first time that as an astrologer I have witnessed the transit of Pluto from one sign to another.
I feel confusion and excitement at the same time, also because in my birth chart Pluto transits between the 9th and 10th houses, my career and my professional path have been in profound change for some time, and I can’t wait to understand what the direction that life is giving me through this transit.

And now with you I decide to share my vision for the future, hoping to inspire and fuel the collective power towards a more aware world:

“I open my eyes, the gentle light of the 6 am Sun bathes my bedroom in an eastern direction. I put on a light t-shirt to get out of the warm bed and open the door of the house for my usual morning walk.
My little mud house looks like a small mushroom among many others, from above it would be distinguished by the lilac, orange, garnet colored dome: three large concentric circles.
In the community where I live with 30-40 other people we have decided that white is the color that already adapts to the surrounding environment, but the roofs of our domes are the color that we feel fuels us.
The fresh morning wind takes me in a different direction every day, discovering hidden corners and buried treasures in our large land.
On my morning rounds I bring with me food and gifts, for the animals and the earth.
If something no longer feels like mine, I leave it to the earth to put it back into the cycle of nature and nourish the earth, animals are obviously part of it.
When I return from my journey, the community already comes back to life, everyone in their own time gets their body moving again and collective or personal activities begin.
The early hours of the morning are dedicated to awakening the body and mind: yoga, meditation, journaling, we start the day early and calmly.
Work begins at 10am, everyone with their role and their knowledge works to contribute to the collective: there are those who work the land, those who take care of the food, the medicinal plants etc etc
The community is completely self-sufficient, with no cables bringing electricity from who knows what distant country. The Sun is there, the plants are here, the water washes us and nourishes us every day, all around

to us. We don’t pay millionaire companies to bring us artificial light, when the sun goes down we are prepared to rest with soft lights that generate from the direct power of the sun on our solar panels.
This is how everything works, energy is all around us, it doesn’t come from far away.
There are experts and creatives in the community from all over the world, and my community is not the only one.
Through social networks we are in contact with hundreds of them that bring exchange and knowledge from one part of the planet to another with a click.
Social networks are a source of knowledge where we can share and draw on things we don’t yet know how to do.

Technology has advanced a lot in recent years and there are very advanced techniques at our disposal to be able to travel, cultivate, produce and feed.

People with different knowledge live in my community and every day we feed ourselves with courses and workshops of local and non-local people: painters, ceramists, chefs, nutritionists, quantum physicists, photographers, carpenters, jewelers, DJs, musicians, dancers, therapists.
Communities around the world are united by a network of knowledge that allows us to host people from other parts of the world who want to experience different lifestyles.

My community is green for example, I live in a forest with a large river beside it, my land is rich in mushrooms with which my community works studying their properties and benefits.
Other communities exist on islands, in the jungle, in the desert and in the snow.
Each has its own skills and shares with the others.

Every day when the sun goes down we gather (always in free will, those who don’t want can not participate) around the fire to play, sing and share.

In my community psychedelics are welcome, those who feel the need can consume them with conscience and live their day in a different way.
Twice a month we celebrate: the new moon is accompanied by peaceful rituals such as sound baths and harmonious singing, the full moon with DJ sets that tire out every last muscle you didn’t think you had.”

The vision is bigger, but for the moment I feel i’ve shared enough. As in all realities, this idyllic vision takes hold by being aware that we are human beings, made up of imbalances and internal conflicts. Discussions, disillusionments, moods and clashes are welcome.
My community will not be perfect, because the concept of perfection exists only in the logical mind, but nature does not know this, it only understands the language of energy, and the more skilled we become at understanding how it flows through us, the more the more skilled we become at taking action from a place of love.

With love
Claudia Maria Adele