Retrogradation, Our Karma it’s speaking to us

Everybody once in life have heard the word “retrograde” referring to a Planet.

But what exactly does it mean and how does it affect our lives?

First of all let’s clarify the fact that Astrology is geocentric.
It means that even if on a scientific level is not true , The Earth is the center of the system and the Moon and Sun are considered Planets, despite been a satellite and a star.
Now The Planets, according to Astrology, follow an orbit around The Earth and each one completes the 360 degrees of the orbit at its own speed.

Now let us also clarify that when a Planet goes retrograde, it does not physically go backwards on its orbit, but from the point of view of The Earth it appears to slow down untill stops, going backwards (depending on its speed) and then retaking its normal motion.

Here we therefore distinguish the three phases of retrogradation:
Pre shadow – when it starts to slow down
Shadow – when stationary
Post shadow – when slowly start again it motion

So how does it affect our lives?

Astrologically the retrogradation mode is like pushing a pause button that give us time to review some topic and reflect, reconsidering the direction to make changes on our patterns.

Which topics?

That depends on the Planets, and I’ll go more deeper in a different post.

What I really want to share here now is the understanding that a retrogradation doesn’t mean bad things are comings, but probably life will put us in an uncomfortable position just to review those patterns.

Events and emotions related with past experience they might come back to the surface. It is in our capacity value those events and not judge as bad or good, just sitting and observing what’s happening to us and around us during a retrogradation might be a big teaching.

I like to call them Karmic events: some attitude we have been perpetuating for long is not working anymore, something is happening for us to make understand what it is and take conscious choices to change it.

The difference between the transit and a retrograde planet on our birth chart

The transit of a retrograde planets give to all of us the chance to observe, but having a retrograde planets in our birth chart is much deeper than this, and is personal.

As a Karmic Astrologer I’m very curious about this topic and I went deep in many birth chart and study to understand the journey of the soul between many lives.

There are different ways to catch sign from past lives in a birth chart and one of those is looking at the retrograde planets.

Whenever we find one, it means our soul is carrying  the energy of a past life experience and this is one of the reason why sometimes is very hard to broke this patterns.

They are hidden deep in the subconscious and we are not able to detect them.

Sometimes they are so strong that we identify ourself with it.

With a Retrograde Planets on a birth chart we might feel like an extra baggage of Karma.

Pay attention when a transit is on our Natal Retrograde Planet is a good way to catch them.

Or whenever a Natal Retrograde Planet goes on retrogradation mode.

Interesting fact

The Lunar Nodes are the center of my study.

Who know a bit about the Nodes (which are math point on the orbit of the Moon and not Planets), knows that they are always retrograde, traveling from Piscis to Aries on an opposite direction to all the Planets, it is not a coincidence they are also called Karmic Nodes. They carry the essence of the past life experience and show us the attitude to learn, more than others.

If you’re not able to go deep and feel the call, I have a reading call Deep Karmic Reading which it goes exactly there, studying and understanding the journey of the soul starting from The Karmic Nodes.

With Love

Claudia Maria Adele