We can Re-write our Story

As I write these reflections, 5 planets are retrograde, and all 5 are collective.

That means their transits affect the community all over.

I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced a similar moment since I started studying Astrology. Certainly in the course of life yes, but being aware of it for me puts an extra focus on the issue that never stop to make me observe inside and out. As if in every corner of the world I could perceive the density of life in slow motion.

“I don’t recognize myself”

“I’m lost”

“I’m confused”

“I don’t know what I’m doing with my life!”

“I’m blocked”

People who try to hide as best they can a dazzling smile that veils sadness and confusion.

Maybe it’s just my perception? The reflection of what I experience at the moment?

But since astrology has been in my life I can’t help but open my birth chart, something remains imprinted in my mind every time I observe it, and lately there are things to reflect on.

Let’s start by remembering that retrogradation is a bit like the universe putting a pause button on this or that topic.

Now let’s imagine 5 different big planets that are put on pause, while everyday life goes on as if nothing had happened, these pauses force us to look into dark corners.

As if in the house that is our life we suddenly realize that the corners of this and that room are full of cobwebs and stains on the walls, but we are too busy cooking 3 times a day, working 8 hours, training, attending events or friends etc etc

Life doesn’t stop, but energy asks us to do so.

What could happen?!

For me personally, a blackout, starting from the physical body.

And so I go into the depths of my reflections, taking these great planets one by one and observing them in the sign in which they pass and analyzing what I see inside and outside.

PLUTO IN CAPRICORN-DEGREE 28° until October 9th

I start from the farthest: the lord of the underworld.

Let’s break down the three elements:

Pluto, lord of the deepest transformation, the one who takes us down into the underworld of the subconscious, who makes us understand which parts of us no longer support our path and lets them go. He who, when he moves from one sign to another, destroys, whether we want it or not, what no longer serves us. A sign of mystery and taboo, for him nothing it is, but are we capable to light the darkness of those topics?

In the sign of Capricorn, a sign of structure and discipline, ambition and perseverance, ruled by Saturn (also retrograde beware). A sign that he knows well how to mark time, like a wise old man who knows how to manifest through discipline, a sign that he knows how to take on great responsibilities and knows how to climb peaks, a earth and cardinal sign.

When a planet is in the last degrees of a sign its work is about to end, and how do we react when something is about to end? We have two options, we accept and let go, with pain we collect what is no longer needed from the basement to throw it away. Or we remain emotionally attached to them causing us more pain, because whether we don’t want it or not, he is acting. He is directing us. And all those objects that they ask us to throw away may remain there for more years, but they will cause more mold, more cobwebs and more stains, which are increasingly difficult to clean later.

Pluto also talk to us about obsessions and control, powers and manias.

How do we behave when the structure that has supported us up to now no longer supports us?

Are we capable of creating another one? Are we able to understand where the transformation is taking place? Or we want to control it?

What’s happening? That what no longer belongs to us, however sad, must be destroyed in order to rebuild?

The collective and the society structure we know today is no longer supporting us.

We all need new foundations.

And although it all seems very painful, this moment of navigation between the 28th of Capricorn and the 3rd degree of Aquarius wants nothing more than to connect with the source in order to download the model of the next 20 years of Pluto in Aquarius.

Let’s observe what has been channeled to us from above in the past months, it is the vision of our future as a society.

NEPTUNE IN PISCES until December 5th

Yes Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, which means that everything might flows well.

But is retrograde, and there are 4 other retrograde planets.

And if we know something about Neptune and Pisces it’s that they are big dreamers.

A Dreamer in the Dreamer in a time of reflection, reevaluation and re-decoding.

The great risk I see here is that the cloud into which they lead us both cannot make us see the direction to take, as if we were sailing in a long foggy night. That’s where the enormous confusion and indecision that I see around and within me, came from.

However, the possibility it gives us is to reconnect with our dreams.

What we believed we could manifest until today?!?! What do we want to manifest from now on?? Once the tunnel of fog is over, these dreams have the power to become reality.

If opportunities arise to work with dreams and the mystery of the unknown, the invisible, this would be the ideal moment.

The spirituality that for us Westerners seems to be made up of flowers and dances is actually a journey.

Life is spiritual, life is a journey.

What if we took the time to understand what practice helps us connect with higher dimensions while knowing we live in the material world??

I recently discovered that the word Guru means “he who knows how to root himself even when he rises”.

Gurus are nothing more than guides who support us, when we ascend to higher dimensions, they are here to welcome us when we return to the physical body.

According to my personal belief “we are all gurus” this is an excellent time to be able to navigate between dimensions, learn how to go up and down.

Integrating this practice during a Neptune retrograde in Pisces means knowing how to ascend to the world of dreams and being able to descend with them into our physical realm.

What do we risk if we don’t understand how to work with this energy?! To lose ourselves in it. To continue walking confused without knowing how to grasp the signals that are sent to us in the fog, that are sent to us from the source, in order to be able to descend here and now.

SATURN IN PISCES at the 1st degree until

Saturn in degree 1 of Pisces, while Neptune almost ends its (slow) journey in Pisces, Saturn is starting it.

What were we saying about spirituality and dreams?!

Pisces is the connection with the invisible.

If anyone knows a bit of quantum physics he knows that the material world is 1%, while the invisible made up of energy is 99%.

I don’t know if the concept is clear. We think that what we see is what exists in this Universe, but it is only exactly 1%.

And if Neptune sends us to the world of dreams; Saturn, the disciplined sage who knows how to manifest everything, well with a little severity he can guide us in achieving them.

Attention, we understand well that when the planets are retrograde the process is taking place.

It’s not all as simple as I make it out here.

It’s a process made up of continuous “ah” “uh” “oh”, I didn’t realized this, that and that.

I didn’t realize that this doesn’t benefit me, that this pattern that I’ve been using for years doesn’t work, it blocks me, limits me, weakens me.

Realizing things is like a slap in the face.

Imagine how many we can get when all this energy is retrograde.

But returning to our Saturn in Pisces. He’s starting with the basics now, and asks us: What practice works for you? What can bring you up and bring you back down? Through Constancy and the discipline of practice, this is when the foundations become solid for a long, long, long future made up of ascents and descents, without much pain anymore. But with the awareness that we are creative beings just by existing and that creative power is given to us the moment we ourselves are created. And even if we navigate in 99% of energy, we have the ability to bring those possibilities made of dreams to here and now.

I also remember that Saturn is in Aether, there is no better time to connect with the energy of the source and channel the practice that can most help us do this work.

Ps: Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn where Pluto is now in retrogradation eheh

JUPITER IN TAURUS until December 29th

And here, in my opinion, is the key of the story we are observing:

Pluto slowly breaks down all the structures, we get lost in the fog with Uncle Dreamer, our grandfather Saturn supports us (even if a little rude in his own way) in the fog and Uncle Jupiter arrives happy, makes us smile with a nice little slap on the wrist. As long as we are willing to take those moments of pause and review those patterns I talk about above.

Jupiter, which expands where everything passes, is also on pause, in another Earth sign, Taurus.

Taurus lives through the 5 senses, who knows better than him what it means to live in a body?!?!

And if until now we have not managed to have one or more practices that ground us, this is the best time to stop and observe if there are possibilities for grounding around us.

Which doesn’t necessarily mean a stable home and job.

Dance, Painting, Ceramics, Embodiment, Singing.

All practices that involve the senses are excellent practices of Taurus and can be practiced anywhere at any time (remember that Saturn is also asking us for discipline)

And what’s better than two retrograde planets like this to understand which grounding practice is best for us?!

URANUS IN TAURUS until January 26, 2024


I left him in the end, because I have the feeling he can drastically change the game.

I explained in another article that retrogradation is a karmic portal, if we are “off axis”, events could lead us to the “right path”, our life mission, our apprenticeship.

But what if we are already on our path?! That retrogradation will probably be a much easier process, that we are ready to accept events and they won’t shake us much.

However, if there are many chapters to rummage through, a moment of retrogradation like this could destabilize us.

Now, Uranus is itself is a destabilizer. Uranus likes to come by surprise and tell you “AH!! Where the fucking are you going?? what the fucking are you doing?”

Uranus seeks freedom and gives freedom, but he does it crudely sometimes.

If you have been trapped in a situation that creates frustration and slavery for a long time, the most likely thing is that Uranus will give you a big (biggest) slap on the face and make you open your eyes.

That “now I’m going to do something crazy” feeling is typical of Uranus. He is visionary, he is ingenious and works for the good of the collective and the community. But what happens when the collective is blocked?!?!?

We have to plants seeds of unconventional ideas. Follies.

The truth is that with all these large retrograde planets, it wouldn’t surprise me if this season we saw world news that would make our jaws drop!

Yes, in 2020 we experienced a global pandemic, but now we are seeing the effects. And if we think that 2020 is a closed chapter then we have not understood that time is not linear, that what happened is still doing its job and change the rules. And now it’s up to us to change the story. And that Uranus, albeit painfully, could once again put us in front of a mirror and what are the questions we want to ask ourselves today??

I write here my collective thoughts of all these great planets which in their retrograde motion lead me to look inside myself and ask myself:

What is freedom for me?

What gives me peace?

What helps me keep the peace?

What helps me feel free?

What does my body feel when I’m mentally unwell?

What helps me connect with Source?

What practice helps me ascend and descend without feeling out of place?

What makes me feel like I’m not part of the community?

What makes me feel uncomfortable in the community?

What keeps me in touch with reality even when I enter the world of dreams?

Am I a disciplined person?

What am I in control of and what am I not? (I have the answer to this: I only control my breathing, the rest is a quantum variable)

Where can I let go of control?

What no longer supports me?

What can I let go of?

Which practice support the evolution of my spirit?

We have the power to rewrite history.

Always with love

Claudia Maria Adele