Welcome to the Source

I like to think that a collective consciousness exists and we all come from there

Called from time to time with many different names: God, The Universe, Akasha, The Energy…The Source.

I like to think that we are small piece of it containing the whole, and at some point we dpart from it and incarnate in this body.

Actually deep down we are always connected with her, our subconscious communicates with her.

She who is not a she, but a principle of energy containing everything and nothing.

In quantum physics it is called “Quantum Field”

I firmly believe that in history there have been people with such high consciousness to understand this connection.

We have called them Prophets, Illuminati, Buddahs, Masters.

When I hear the phrase “all is one” I immediately think of the field, The Source

bioluminescent plankton on my legs, Maldives 2023

I like to think that we descend into this body with a mission, and even if the trauma of birth and life itself disorients us, the source always knows how to redirect us.

I like to think that there are a thousand and more tools to be able to reconnect with The Source, listen to the messages that are sent to us and understand the direction to take.

Sometimes with pain.

I found these messages in yoga, meditation and astrology, in contact with nature and moments of silence where we can listen to the breath.

Messages come from everywhere if only we are able to understand them, we could easily live peacefully.

I recently read a book that said “if you are able to suffer so well then you are able to be very happy”.

In the quantum field everything is available, it’s up to us to choose how we want to spend this life.

And the more we are connected to the source, to the field, the more we are able to understand what our mission is.

My tool in this life is Astrology, the knowledge that made me evolve more quickly, see and understand where do I live and what I’m surrounded and composed by: ENERGY.

This is a welcome to my new Blog, a personal space where I can finally feel free to write everything I want, from astrology to personal experience, from books to travels.

With no limits of topics, letters and fast consuming.

A place for people who like to taste life slowly

with Love


“As Above so Below” , bioluminescent plankton, Maldives 2023